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About us


Taking the Nations for Jesus Ministry's vision is reaching souls for Christ through strategic ways.  The Bible says that "Its a wise person that wins a soul". Proverbs 11:30


We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that ministers to the whole person through evangelism, prayer, worship, and discipleship. We bless people physically, with food, clothes, school supplies, and other essential items, so we can meet their spiritual needs. The Lord Jesus Himself fed the hungry and ministered to the whole person. ~John 6:10-12 NIV~



Taking the Nations for Jesus ministry has been established since 2006. Also, the prayer ministry started in the year of 1999. There are many children who did not attend church who came and brought their parents because of the gifts, which is a strategy that Taking the Nations for Jesus Ministry used to minister the word of God. They realize that Jesus loves them and cares about everything concerning them. Thank you so much for your continuous support. You are the ones who made it happen through Christ Jesus.

We look forward to more extraordinary things in 2023 and the coming years.


Thanks and God bless you all!


Pastor Valerie Mowett


Mrs. Lorna Mowatt-Dunkley is responsible for organizing outreach ministry events in Jamaica.


The Cause

In 1996 on a Good Friday night, the Lord Jesus baptized me in His Holy Spirit. I had never experienced anything like this before; I was slain in the power and thought I was dead. I could not speak or move my body. Suddenly, I saw a bright light, the brightest light I had ever seen. There was a thin white veil over the light that was moving in the wind. At this time I attempted to move my body and speak, instead, I spoke in another dialect that was unknown to me. Then, I knew I was transformed because all of my hurts and unforgiveness were taken from my life. I became a new person. During this transformation, God equipped me with His power to serve.

The Call

I experienced an automobile accident in 1997 which prevented me from working. While at home recovering from injuries that were sustained during the accident, the Lord Jesus spoke to me in many different ways about various things. At that time I received a word of prophecy through my pastor. The Lord told me that He is going to heal my body and use me for His glory. During this time I started a home prayer meeting.


The Lord said to me that I should study His word. Therefore, I attended a bible school of the Assemblies of God which is called Berean School of the Bible and became a minister. I am currently an evangelist.   During this time the prayer meeting grew and many miracles, manifestations, and salvation took place.

The Effect

After seven years of consistent home prayer meetings, in 2006 the Lord told me to launch out into the deep. Taking the Nations for Jesus Ministry was established. I created a prayer line that now reaches more than six cities in Palm Beach County.

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