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As an outreach ministry with the goal of blessing God's children and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have partnered with various ministries that support and believe in our mission and vision statement.


We work together to minister to God's people. When Jesus commissioned His disciples. He sent them out in groups of two.  


If in need of prayer send us your prayer request or call the ministry's prayer hotline.

Ainesis Dance Ministry


The ministry was established in 1999. The word Ainesis, pronounced ah-ee-nes-sis, is a Greek word meaning, praise or a thank offering from Hebrews 13:15. It is a representation of what our ministry is based upon, continuous praise. We go to various places and minister in liturgical, creative, hip-hop, jazz, and sign praise dance.


The Vision...

To reach out to people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Also, to minister to the broken, the poor, the oppressed, and depressed children and youth of this generation.


Many children and adults have come to know the Lord by giving to those in need. These letters are from some of the children that attended the outreach in Jamaica.


This prayer ministry was established in 1999. If you would like to join our intercessory prayer meeting to come in agreement and pray for the nations. Please call (561) 237-5610 to be a part of this ministry. 

Volunteer Groups

We are in need of volunteers. Students can receive community service hours for high school. You can fill out and submit our online volunteer application form. We will then send you information on where and when the next event will take place and how you can be of service.


If interested in becoming a regular volunteer just check that off on the form.


Give us a call or send us an email at or (561) 237-5610. 

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